Oral care is vital to maintain your overall health and appearance.

Our philosophy is to provide excellence in medical and dental care to all our patients.

We are located in Lisbon in the modern and cutting-edge CUF Descobertas Hospital.
You will receive the best quality available in medical and dental treatments, from prevention to the most complex and demanding treatments, such as dental aesthetics, implantology and oral rehabilitation.
As we are located in a hospital, unique conditions can be provided in case of medical emergencies, as well as the latest technology available for the practice of medical and dental activities.

Hugo Costa Lapa

> Graduated in Dental Medicine from the Faculty of Dental Medicine of the University of Lisbon.

> Exclusive practice in Oral Implantology and Aesthetic Dentistry at CUF Descobertas Hospital.

> Postgraduate training in Biomimetic and Aesthetic Dentistry.

Areas of Expertise

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To avoid the appearance of dental and periodontal pathology is the goal of the preventive activity of dentistry.

Still, not smoking, sleeping well, eating healthy and exercising are the pillars of health in general and dental health in particular.

Saving Teeth

Keeping teeth, treating them when sick, despite being common sense, is often neglected. 

Appropriate restorative dentistry can save teeth, using materials that emulate their shape and color.

Replacing Teeth

In the absence or in the impossibility of saving teeth, the use of dental implants makes it possible to permanently replace lost teeth.

It´s possible to replace a single lost tooth or even a complete set of teeth with dental implants.

Oral Rehabilitation

Complex cases combine multiple disciplines of dentistry, the aim of which is to restore proper function and appearance.

It is now possible to treat complex cases in a conservative approach and with a completely natural result.

Cosmetic Dentistry

Improving the shape, color and size of your teeth with little or no tooth wear is possible with a conservative philosophy.

We can resort to harmless procedures such as teeth whitening, or ultra-conservative treatments such as veneers.

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