The negative way


"Good is above all the absence of evil. There are many hidden benefits in the application of Negative Way Medicine. For example, telling people not to smoke seems to be the greatest benefit of medicine in the last 60 years. Druin Burch, in Taking the Medicine, writes: "The harmful effects of smoking are roughly equivalent to the beneficial effects of all the medical interventions developed since the war. (...) Eliminating smoking is more beneficial than being able to cure all types of cancer." NNT

Dental Medicine of the negative way is nothing but prevention. Actively advising patients on a correct diet, with low intake of sugars, as well as a tobacco-free life, is far more beneficial than any dental medical intervention.
In the same way, carrying out a small, correct and rigorous intervention, such as treating a simple dental cavity (restoration or reconstruction), prevents the need for a major intervention, such as a root canal treatment, extracting a tooth and/or carrying out surgery to place an implant.
Conversely, a badly performed dental reconstruction (iatrogenesis, or long-term hidden damage) will inevitably lead to the failure of the treatment itself and the tooth.
We therefore focus our clinical activity on dentistry in the negative way, on prevention and on minor interventional treatment of the highest quality and excellence. Over treatment has no place in our consultation.